Work With Me


Breakfast in Jar

Initial Consultation

Identify your nutrition goals and create a clear plan to help you achieve your best self.


Follow Up

When questions come up that don’t require a full package. For existing clients only.

Vegetable Couscous

Custom Meal Plan

Individual 7-day meal plan designed to help you reach your personal goals. For existing clients only.

Team Work

Pesto Pasta
Coming Soon

Palate Reset

7-Day reset to change the way you taste and they way you metabolism food.

Making Chocolates
Coming Soon

The Rejuvenation

Details coming soon...

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Raspberry Popsicles
Coming Soon

Monthly Meal Plan

Coming Soon!

Complete monthly meal plan designed to take stress off of cooking, reduce waste, and keep your metabolism lit.

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Chia Pudding


30-Day program to jump start your journey to a healthier life. No fad diets, no restrictions, just the proper balance of nourishing foods.

Fresh Food


90-Day plan to reset your digestive system so that it operates smoothly and efficiently allowing for greater hormonal balance and weight loss.

Avocado Salad


6-Month, step-by-step plan to reclaim your life, energy, and passion.